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January 2016
Entrepreneur2 min readEntrepreneurship
Meet Fear's Antidote: Hope
A seemingly small act -- returning to normal, daily life after tragedy -- takes a great deal of courage.
Entrepreneur4 min read
Tips for Interviewing Every Hiring Manager Should Know
Let’s assume the following: A) You’ve written a job description that is concise, intriguing and honest; B) you’re doing this all on your own, without the help of an HR person; C) you don’t have a standardized system of recruiting and vetting; D) you
Entrepreneur4 min read
How a Thirst for Fashion Is Driving Sales for This Hot Accessory
S’well founder and CEO Sarah Kauss likes that Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres are fans of her company’s chic stainless-steel water bottles. And that The Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco regularly Instagrams about the product. (Even when #obsessedwit
Entrepreneur2 min readPsychology
Why Points of Difference Could Be What Brings Your Company Together
Q: A prospective business partner is a strategic fit, and there is no evidence of impropriety or unethical behavior. However, I have heard that the new party can be difficult to work with and doesn’t operate the way my company does. Should I guide my
Entrepreneur3 min read
Tipping Point: Is It Time to Rethink Gratuity in Restaurants?
There's a growing movement to eliminate gratuities for servers. What does this mean for the restaurant world?
Entrepreneur3 min read
4 Pain Points of Future Flights and How to Handle Them
Here’s the good news: Airfares are down. According to fare-prediction app Hopper, rates in September dropped a substantial 18 percent from the previous year. And all signs point to a bottoming-out this month, at an average domestic round-trip price o
Entrepreneur3 min read
Is This the Biggest Advancement in Diabetes Management Since the Insulin Pump?
Diagnosed at age 2 with Type 1 diabetes, Kayla Wilson had to suffer through four shots per day of the insulin her pancreas was unable to produce. The insulin pump she got at age 7 was a godsend. The connection needed to be reinserted only every few d
Entrepreneur3 min read
How to Repel the Wrong Customers -- and Attract the Right Ones
Most businesses focus on converting prospects into customers. But it’s just as important to determine who is not a good fit for your business -- to repel as well as attract. This may seem counterintuitive. You might be thinking: Hold up. We have a fa
Entrepreneur6 min readEntrepreneurship
What VCs Want In 2016
What do venture capitalists want? For entrepreneurs in search of funding, this is the perennial question. Last year the world saw a record high of venture capital investments, with total deals topping $100 billion, according to a report by auditing g
Entrepreneur6 min read
5 Tips for Maintaining Work-Life Balance, From People Who've Been There
Finding a personal and professional middle ground is a constant struggle for entrepreneurs with a passion for business. This article can help.
Entrepreneur4 min read
7 Smart Financial Steps to Take in 2016
Is this the year you want your financial picture to shine? We’ve got some good news: There are no tax increases looming, and the banking, housing and labor markets are solid. That means this is the perfect time to shore up your personal finances and
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
Invoice Organization Made Easy: This Cloud-Based Solution Was Created in 2 Weeks
Plate iQ is helping a restaurant chain turns mountains of invoices into a more efficient operation.
Entrepreneur2 min read
How a Startup Is Helping Retailers by Using Digital Tests in Physical Spaces
An NYC startup applies A/B testing -- common in the digital space -- to convert foot traffic to sales in brick-and-mortar stores.
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
How to Pick a Customer Relationship Management Tool That Fits Your Business
CRM tools are a great way to manage a growing client roster. Here's some expert advice on picking the one that's best for you.
Entrepreneur2 min readEntrepreneurship
How 'No' Might Become 'Go' in the World of Venture Funding
I say no to entrepreneurs a lot -- easily 200 or 300 times a year. There are a number of reasons I give: bad timing -- it’s too late in the investment cycle or too early for the startup to get funding -- or the business model is a poor fit for our st
Entrepreneur2 min readEntrepreneurship
Why You Should Quit While You're Ahead
Welcome to the hardest decision you’ll ever make as an entrepreneur. While it’s tempting to stick with a run of financial success for as long as possible, it’s important to understand what you might leave on the table if you wait too long to cash out
Entrepreneur3 min read
Why Big Brands Are Offering Big Funds to Small Businesses
For Jane Yuan, the owner of Seattle-based Simple & Crisp, an order from Whole Foods Market to sell her dried-fruit crackers nationally was the opportunity of a lifetime. But she didn’t have the money to buy two additional dehydrators at $17,000 a pop
Entrepreneur2 min read
Little Extras That Make a Big Difference to Employees
Want to reward your workers without offering bonuses? The little things count, so look at this list of benefits that your staff will appreciate.
Entrepreneur3 min read
How an Off-Season Hobby Grew into a Slick Business
California native Brent Christensen, founder of Ice Castles, didn’t have any experience living in cold climates when he moved to Alpine, Utah, in 2000. His seasonal summer business -- a mobile lawnmower repair company -- left him plenty of time to go
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
Why Salesloft's Second Wind Is Going Strong
The culture of sales is changing dramatically -- and so are the tools that help enterprise businesses manage their customer bases. Kyle Porter, co-founder and CEO of SalesLoft, an Atlanta-based sales management and projection platform, believes his s
Entrepreneur5 min readEntrepreneurship
Remote Control: The Tools and Tactics You Need to Manage a Far-Flung Workforce
How do you maintain productivity, communication and morale when your staffers are all over the map?
Entrepreneur3 min read
What's Hot in Franchising? The Big Takeaways From Our Franchise 500 Ranking.
From year to year, the Franchise 500® has mirrored business and societal trends throughout the U.S., Canada and beyond. New franchise categories rise up -- sometimes suddenly -- while familiar brands sometimes lose a little luster. For example, take
Entrepreneur3 min read
Why Franchising Was Key to Righting the Ship for This Boat Club
With a motivated captain at the helm, a membership boating club has sailed up Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 rankings.
Entrepreneur3 min read
The Minimum Wage Battle Is Here to Stay
The fight will continue to drag on, state by state and city by city, over the next few years.
Entrepreneur7 min read
The Franchise World Finally Gets the Whole 'Big Data' Thing
Franchises are using big data to customize marketing, select locations and manage staffing.
Entrepreneur6 min read
How These Franchises Established a Company Culture That Works
Company culture is more than flip-flops and Ping-Pong -- it's a critical strategy for helping define and maintain a consistent brand atmosphere among disparate groups of franchisees and staff.
Entrepreneur2 min read
How This Ex-Police Officer Found a Business in Cleaning Up Crime Scenes, Hoarders' Homes
Laura Spaulding's act of kindness in 2005 led her to a revelation about crime-scene cleanup.
Entrepreneur3 min read
How an Injured Rodeo Champ Started a Business That Caught the Eye of Daymond John
In his early 30s, Ryan Ehmann woke up in a beat-up camper in the middle of a Texas hay field and thought, “How did I get here?” It wasn’t a deep mystery -- after 12 years on the rodeo circuit as a bronco rider, he’d ruined his back, racked up $67,000
Entrepreneur2 min read
This Franchise Gives Hair Stylists a Salon of Their Own Without the High Costs
Phenix offers hair stylists, manicurists and other beauty workers a suite where they can run their own show.
Entrepreneur3 min read
Entrepreneur's Franchise 500: How We Decide Who Makes the Cut
The companies that made our annual list were judged by their financial strength and stability, growth rate and size.
Entrepreneur2 min read
How Secondhand Clothing Gave This Woman a Second Chance
Rita Cortese was a divorced single mother struggling to make ends meet as a full-time insurance underwriter. Wracked with concern about raising her 2-year-old daughter, she sought a career change that would give her more flexibility. That’s when she
Entrepreneur2 min read
How This Family Rebuilt Their Business After Devastating Losses
A personal tragedy and an economic downturn hit David Ogburn hard, but he staged a comeback.
Entrepreneur2 min read
How This Entrepreneur Coped With Tragedy While Running a Business
Barry Foot turned his passion for cruises into his profession. Then he used his profession to honor his late wife.