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November 2016
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How to Get Featured jn Entrepreneur Magazine
Most people haven’t heard of a scrappy little ski company called Renoun, but we gave it a lot of space in this issue -- a story about founder Cyrus Schenck. I bet you’re wondering: How did Schenck pull that off? I’m going to tell you. Why? I owe it t
Entrepreneur4 min read
You're Not Using the Phone Enough and It's a Problem
Hey, wanna feel old? Great. Let me a get a startup exec. on the phone. [Ring, ring] Hi there. I’m trying to reach Elena Gorman, product marketing lead at HipChat, the group-chat and file-sharing company. [Waiting] Elena, hello! Question for you: What
Entrepreneur3 min read
Hemingways' Car Trouble Sparked a Travel Guide Business For This Writer
I was a writer and an editor for about eight years, at magazines like Budget Travel and Southern Living. Eventually I got bored; the people and places that fascinated me weren’t the ones my bosses wanted to feature. In 2008, for example, I was report
Entrepreneur4 min read
How One Entrepreneur Survived Five Years of Errors
In 2011, my five pals and I were driving home from one of our weekend ski trips in Vermont. We were engineering students at the time and used to throw out all kinds of ideas during those three-hour drives. On this one day, my friend Donny suggested b
Entrepreneur2 min read
This Startup Launched Without Titles or an Organizational Structure. Here's What They're Doing Now.
Tracy Young and her cofounders knew the construction business and computer engineering, but they didn’t know squat about organizational management. So when they launched their startup, PlanGrid, which digitizes blueprints, they “decided to run PlanGr