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January 2017
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Want To Stand Out? Think Like An Editor.
I get a lot of emails from teenagers who’ve started businesses. And moms who’ve started businesses. And companies that donate one of their product for every one sold. And, well, many other broad types of entrepreneurs. They’re easy to instantly categ
Entrepreneur7 min read
Why Tyra Banks Cold-Called Zappos's Tony Hsieh
Tyra Banks has long played the role of wise teacher-on America's Next Top Model and now as a "boardroom adviser" on NBC's The New Celebrity Apprentice. But mentorship is also at the core of her businesses. And she’s just as eager to be a mentee. Rela
Entrepreneur3 min read
Expert Strategies To Make Facebook Worth Your Time
Q: I recently changed my company’s name, but I read that when I rename my Facebook page, I lose all my likes and reviews. Is there a way to do it without starting all over again? -- Rich D. A: Facebook “pages” -- which are for organizations, as oppos
Entrepreneur5 min readEntrepreneurship
Should Your Let Your Clients (Or Your Staff) See Your Financials?
Last spring, Joel Gascoigne realized he’d made a big mistake. He’s the CEO of Buffer, a social media management company, and business was doing so well that he aggressively staffed up -- going from 34 to 94 employees in just more than a year. But alt
Entrepreneur2 min read
How Squarespace Designed A Sophisticated Headquarters Where Grownups Get Things Done
It’s 10 a.m. on a Wednesday, and 332 Squarespace employees are working in the company’s new Manhattan offices. The space, designed by New York architect firm A+I (which also designed offices for Tumblr, HBO and iHeart Media), is three floors of wood
Entrepreneur3 min read
How Three Entrepreneurs Convinced An Nba Star To Invest
Shane Battier retired from basketball in 2014 with two championship rings, and is now a philanthropist and an investor working with seven tech companies. Like many part-time investors, he’s driven primarily by ideas that excite him. “Outside of obvio
Entrepreneur2 min read
How La Colombe Made Its Canned Lattes A Hit With Retailers
There are many prepackaged coffees, but La Colombe CEO Todd Carmichael saw an opening: If he could froth milk inside a can, he could sell the world’s first canned latte. But how?  Related: 3 Ways to Slay the Risk of Bringing a New Product to Market H
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She Lost Her Brand When Investors Didn't Share Her Vision. Here's What She Did Next.
Denise Mari lost her younger sister (and, later, her mother) to leukemia, and it changed her perspective on everything. “My lifestyle moved to plant-based organic eating, meditation, yoga and mindfulness,” she says. She wanted to create a business ce
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10 Entrepreneurs Share Fail-Safe Strategies For More Effective Meetings
We asked readers: How do you make the most of everyone's least favorite work routine? Here's what they had to say. 1. Plan ahead. Set the agenda one week ahead of time. Allow employees to comment on it prior to the meeting so they have time to really
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Three New Tech Tools To Upgrade Your Work Life
Start your year off strong. We've rounded up some of the best tech tools to boost your life in the office. Check out these three products that will make your life easier.  The old-fashioned whiteboard got a makeover. This large, cloud-connected 4K sc
Entrepreneur3 min read
Research-Backed Ways To Impress Anyone In Two Seconds
Say you have a big pitch coming up. You make an impressive agenda, put together a killer deck, and practice answering hard questions. But there’s a problem. This is all focused on the middle and end of your pitch, and it skips over the most important
Entrepreneur11 min readTech
These Brand Consultants Turned Nights On The Town Into Market Data
In 2013, Christopher Krietchman was walking down the street in Manhattan, worrying about his flailing meal-delivery company. Krietchman was the founder of Fresh Grill Café, which cooked and delivered healthy meals to New Yorkers. When he launched in
Entrepreneur2 min read
Make 2017 Your Year With These Tricks, Tips And Inspirational Stories
The New Year’s resolution is meant to inspire change. To drive you to action. To set the tone for the year to come. But it is a flawed device. Consider its implications: There is one time a year, the resolution says, in which you can truly make chang
Entrepreneur3 min read
How I Got Out Of A Funk (And Saved My Business)
When I was 19 years old, I delivered bread to grocery stores. But I dreamed of entrepreneurship -- writing, speaking, coaching and traveling the world while building a location-independent business -- and worked up the nerve to walk away from my stea
Entrepreneur21 min readTech
Tim Ferriss: If You're Not Happy With What You Have, You Might Never Be Happy
Self-improvement master Tim Ferriss has a surprising message for those who keep searching for something better: You have to know when to stop.
Entrepreneur4 min readEntrepreneurship
Behind This Year's Entrepreneur's Franchise 500® Ranking
Here’s the deal with franchising. It’s not full of Silicon Valley-style startups. It’s not a hotbed of overnight millionaires or venture capital unicorns. It’s the Midwest of the business world; the best franchise systems put their nose to the grinds
Entrepreneur9 min read
Two Years Ago, This Ruling Rocked Franchising To Its Core. Now Everything May Change Again.
In 2014, all hell broke loose in the franchising world. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has a group called the Division of Advice, whose job is to suggest what actions the NLRB should take -- and it had recommended that McDonald’s be consid
Entrepreneur13 min readEntrepreneurship
Should You Franchise? How To Decide.
I first met John Leonesio shortly after a handful of fanatical terrorists had killed nearly 3,000 innocent people, throwing the nation and the economy into shock. Flags were flying in the streets. But on Wall Street -- and on Main Street -- the econo
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How Mcdonald's Origins Became Hollywood Fodder
Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some pick greatness from the pockets of others. Director John Lee Hancock’s thoughtful and entertaining film The Founder invites us to chew over which of these apply to Ray Kroc, the legendary McDonald’