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March 6 2017
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What you said about ... DO THE DEMOCRATS MATTER? After reading Sam Frizell’s Feb. 20 cover story about Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and how he plans to negotiate with President Trump, Pam Jones of West Hollywood, Calif., wrote to say that sh
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For the Record
‘What the f-ck does she have to do to win Album of the Year?’ ADELE, pop singer, advocating at the Grammys for Beyoncé after her own album, 25, beat Beyoncé’s Lemonade; during her acceptance speech, Adele broke her trophy in two 100 Number of cons
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Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Seems Designed to Spread Fear
THE PANIC SET IN BEFORE THE RAIDS began. In Cleveland, undocumented women who worried about getting deported by Donald Trump’s Administration began asking local activists if they could fill out paperwork to safeguard their children. In Brownsville, T
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Kim Jong Un’s half brother killed The older half brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was killed in Malaysia, South Korea confirmed. Kim Jong Nam, who had lived in exile for over 15 years after falling out of favor with his late father Kim J
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Sorry, Brits: Abe and Trump Have the Real ‘Special Relationship’
PRESIDENT TRUMP ROLLED OUT THE RED carpet for Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Feb. 10 for three days of lavish praise, elaborate dinners, lots of golf and a ride on Air Force One. More important, the two leaders appeared to make real progress on
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The E.U.’s Chief Executive on Trump, Populism and Russia
As president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker is both head of the European Union’s executive branch and its public face. He talks to TIME about the challenges ahead at a time of rising populism and euroskepticism.
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DIED Alwin “Al” Lopez Jarreau, 76, the boundary-pushing vocalist who won Grammy Awards across the jazz, pop and R&B categories. Jarreau quit his job as a rehab counselor for the disabled to pursue a music career in the 1960s. Best known for his them
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A Dam Crisis Offers a Wake-up Call on Infrastructure
JOSH SANBURN WE TEND NOT TO THINK MUCH about our roads, dams and bridges until something goes wrong. The latest reminder of that came in the form of massive rains that swelled California’s Lake Oroville to record capacity in early February, threaten
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The Uncanny Catharsis of Saturday Night Live
EVEN BEFORE HIS INAUGURATION in January, President Trump faced sustained criticism from predictable quarters, including celebrities like Meryl Streep, commentariat on both the left and the right, groups of protesters around the world and the news med
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The Dark Origins of Dog Breeding
OLIVIA B. WAXMAN EVEN PEOPLE WHO AREN’T DOG OWNERS probably know that purebreds are considered the best—at least in terms of price, aesthetics and dog-show titles. But purebreds have a less pure origin story. In fact, when competitive dog shows fir
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How to Create More From What You Already Have
ASK MOST PEOPLE TO DESCRIBE THE path to success and their answer will likely call for “more”—more money to buy things, more time to do things and more knowledge to inform things. There’s an intuitive appeal to this argument. In terms of success, more
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Chaos Theory
FOR TWO YEARS, DONALD TRUMP mastered the art of disruption. Name a political precept and he probably broke it during his improbable march to the White House. But disruption in government—the rulemaker breaking the rules—turns out to be more costly. I
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Emotional Divide
WHAT YOU’RE EXPERIENCING IS NORMAL. THESE FEELINGS ARE entirely appropriate. Major news events really do press in at every turn, and the pace—yes, absolutely breakneck lately. It is the best of times, you bet. It’s also the worst of times, no doubt a
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The Trouble With Russia
THE COUP WAS PLANNED FOR election day. Wearing fake police uniforms and armed with assault rifles, more than a dozen Kremlin-linked plotters were allegedly preparing to storm the parliament of the tiny Balkan nation of Montenegro and assassinate its
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Winter White House
THE SALADS HAD BEEN SERVED and the steaks were on their way when Donald Trump’s aides surrounded the table. It was around 8:30 p.m. on Feb. 11, and the President was eating dinner with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the outdoor terrace of Mar-
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The Future of Zoos
New discoveries about the emotional lives of animals are raising difficult questions about keeping wild things in captivity
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The Joy of Sharing
ON A LATE-JANUARY NIGHT IN PHILADELPHIA, Houston Rockets point guard James Harden dribbles the ball toward the foul line and pauses, weighing one of the countless decisions he’ll make over the course of the game. A blink later and he’s off, driving t
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The Sleep Cure
MARK ZIELINSKI KNEW HE WAS ONTO SOMETHING when his mice stopped sleeping. Normally, the animals woke and slept on a 12-hour cycle. When the lights were on in the lab, the mice were active. When it went dark on a timer, down they went. But Zielinski,
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Dreamy Sleep Gadgets
SENSE $149, HELLO.IS This voice-activated alarm clock wants to be your better-sleep concierge. To help you engineer the perfect sleep environment, its internal sensors can assess the temperature, humidity, light and even air quality in your bedroom
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Death, Disrupted
THE TITANS OF THE TECH INDUSTRY ARE KNOWN for their confidence that they can solve any problem—even, as it turns out, the one that’s defeated every other attempt so far. That’s why the most far-out strategies to cheat death are being tested in Americ
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Young-Blood Transfusions
THE HACK: It may sound vampiresque, but 50 people in the U.S. have paid $8,000 for a transfusion of plasma from someone between the ages of 16 to 25. The study is run by Ambrosia, a company based in Monterey, Calif. THE HYPE: The transfusions are ba
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Data-Mining Your Own DNA
THE HACK: If you could learn your risks for the most-feared diseases years before you’d actually get sick, would you? For the curious (and the brave), there’s Health Nucleus, an eight-hour, $25,000 head-to-toe, inside-and-out physical exam that inclu
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Antiaging Superpills
THE HACK: Biohackers in Silicon Valley and beyond have long experimented with the idea that a fistful of supplements, taken in just the right combination, may be the antidote to aging. Now, scientists and businesspeople are experimenting with the ide
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Brain Drugs
THE HACK: These supplements, called nootropics or sometimes “smart drugs,” promise to sharpen your thinking and enhance mental abilities. Many common nootropic ingredients—including the sleep-enhancing hormone melatonin, energy-boosting B vitamins as
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High-Tech Fasting Diets
THE HACK: Calorie restriction—the practice of consuming nothing but water for a day at a time or drastically slashing calories a few days per week—has been popular for decades among eternal-youth seekers and health nuts alike. Now some companies are
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Why Do People Want to Live so Long, Anyway?
MANDY OAKLANDER DR. EZEKIEL EMANUEL IS FAMOUS for a lot of reasons. He’s an acclaimed bioethicist and oncologist who advised President Obama on health care and has two very well known brothers, but another thing people always seem to remember about
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Is There Anything That Can Help My Dog Live Longer Too?
M.O. TO HERB KROHN, A RAILROAD WORKER in Seattle, no living creatures are more precious than his four dogs. “From the day you get your dog, you worry about the day you’re going to have to say goodbye,” he says. So three years ago, when he saw an ar
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Do Cranky People Really Die Younger Than Pollyannas?
JUSTIN WORLAND, with reporting by ALICE PARK JUDGING FROM POP CULTURE, OLD AGE turns even the most charming socialites into lovable but grumpy misanthropes. The elderly often appear in films as lonely neighbors, grumpy grandpas and cranky cabdrivers
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What 3 Things Can I Do to Extend the Length of My Life?
JEFFREY KLUGER SOMEWHERE OUT THERE IS A BUNCH of people who are going to live to be 100. In the U.S. alone, there were more than 77,000 centenarians in 2014. Still, that number is very small: centenarians represent less than a quarter of 1% of the e
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Kids Can Be Stressful. Do the Child-Free Live Longer?
JEFFREY KLUGER IF YOU’RE OF CHILDBEARING AGE, you’re surely used to the refrain that one of the most sublime joys of life is parenthood. A baby means bliss, love and the proxy immortality that comes from passing your genes down to the next generatio
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Where Will All the Old Folks Live?
JUSTIN WORLAND IF YOU’VE EVER BEEN A CAREGIVER to aging parents, you’ve likely been through the battle over when to move them out of the home they love and into something more suitable to their changing needs. That’s only going to get more common as
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How Can I Afford to Live to 100?
RYAN TEAGUE BECKWITH WHEN JOE ROSEMAN, A RETIREMENT-PLANNING EXPERT IN Charlotte, N.C., meets with a new client, there’s one bit of information he wants to know first. It’s not how much they have saved, and it’s not when they want to retire. It’s ho
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In George Saunders’ Debut Novel, Moving Tales From the Crypt
GEORGE SAUNDERS MAY BE THE MOST CELEBRATED DEBUT NOVELIST OF THE 21st century. Saunders, 58, won decades of acclaim for his short-story collections (1996’s CivilWarLand in Bad Decline, 2013’s Tenth of December) that amplify the intricacies of America
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Limbo of the Patriarch
NATE HOPPER GEORGE SAUNDERS, THE COMIC empath, introduces President Abraham Lincoln as he unwittingly enters a bardo—a Buddhist limbo, here populated by ghosts he cannot sense. These specters travel around the cemetery where Lincoln’s son Willie has
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When Writers Rule, TV Gets Wonderfully Weird
AS A SUPERHERO, LEGION IS NOT STRONGER OR quippier or darker than his contemporaries. He is, however, mentally ill. At the beginning of FX’s new show based on the Marvel character, David Haller (Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens) has been diagnosed with sc
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Heigl’s Star Quality Comes Through in the Courtroom
DANIEL D’ADDARIO KATHERINE HEIGL WAS BORN TO BE A DEFENSE attorney. Even on Grey’s Anatomy a decade ago, Heigl could put a backspin of righteous emotion on the most unfathomable dialogue. Now she’s been tasked with pleading an unpopular case: that o
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When the Most Human Human Isn’t Actually Human
DANIEL D’ADDARIO HOW DOES ONE EMPATHIZE WITH robots? Sure, they can engender affection (The Jetsons’ Rosie and Star Wars’ C-3PO came preprogrammed with a sense of humor) or lust (Jude Law in A.I. and Alicia Vikander in Ex Machina were designed to pl
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Is It Ethical to Have Sex With a Robot?
Eliana Dockterman TV these days is preoccupied with the near-future dilemmas of human-android coitus (see: Westworld, Black Mirror, Humans). Two experts weigh in. Yes! They could offer relationships to the lonely There were times certain sexual pr
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Country That Melds Tried-and-True With Utterly New
MAURA JOHNSTON THE VOCAL QUARTET LITTLE BIG TOWN HAS BEEN releasing country-chart-topping albums for 15 years now. But recently its members have been pushing their ambition even further. In 2015, the bruised, sparse single “Girl Crush,” which showca
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Jordan Peele Made Us Seriously Laugh. Now He’s Going to Scare Us Silly
FOR JORDAN PEELE, COMEDY WAS a 15-year detour. Five seasons on MADtv. The award-winning Comedy Central sketch show Key & Peele. And Keanu, his movie with comedy partner Keegan-Michael Key about a kitten catnapped by gangsters. All pit stops on the wa
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Chills, Pills and Spills on Verbinski’s Magic Mountain
STEPHANIE ZACHAREK GORE VERBINSKI’S PSYCHOLOGICAL horror chiller A Cure for Wellness is so gorgeous to look at, and so effective at layering diaphanous tones of queasiness and anxiety, that you sometimes forget to think about what you’re watching, w
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Oscar Nominee My Life as a Zucchini Is a Stop-Motion Marvel
S.Z. ORPHANS, AS CHARLES DICKENS KNEW, are great subjects. If there’s anything right with this world, Claude Barras’ stop-motion animated marvel My Life as a Zucchini—also known as My Life as a Courgette—will be remembered as a great entry in the or
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Planet Earth as Spectacle—and Cautionary Tale
A LIFE-OR-DEATH CHASE UNFOLDS in the first episode of Planet Earth II: A young Galapagos iguana runs, jumps and climbs to avoid the jaws of snakes hunting their next meal. After a few close calls, the would-be prey finally returns to the company of m
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Getting Over My Divorce? Studying the Numbers Helped
WHEN YOUR MARRIAGE BREAKS APART, A LONG TRAIN OF loved ones assure you that time will heal your grief. They are not wrong. But as a data journalist, I misunderstood them to mean the arc of that recovery would be linear. In reality, I found, divorce
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Yuval Noah Harari
The Israeli historian and internationally best-selling author of Sapiens discusses his new book, Homo Deus, a vision of humankind’s future