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April 10 2017
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What you said about ... IS TRUTH DEAD? The April 3 cover story on President Trump’s use of the truth provoked a massive response. In the New York Times, Frank Bruni wrote that the President’s “delusional” statements in his interview with Michael Sch
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For the Record
‘We’re going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future.’ PAUL RYAN, Speaker of the House, withdrawing his health care bill before a scheduled vote on March 24; it did not have the support it needed to pass ‘THIS IS AN HISTORIC MOMENT F
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Trump Takes Aim at Obama’s Climate Legacy
THROUGHOUT PRESIDENT OBAMA’S eight years in office, he slowly but surely issued environmental regulations that, taken together, positioned the U.S. as a global leader in the fight against climate change. Many of those policies may now be dismantled.
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Terror charge for stabbing suspect White supremacist James Harris Jackson was charged with terrorism for fatally stabbing a 66-year-old black man in Manhattan. Jackson said he attacked Timothy Caughman to deter white women from interracial relations
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GOP Rolls Back Online Privacy Rules
Alex Altman Congressional Republicans have voted to scrap a series of online privacy protections approved during the waning days of the Obama Administration by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The rules, which were set to take effect in
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Modi’s Turbulent Priest Signals Change in Approach
NIKHIL KUMAR/NEW DELHI INDIA’S PRIME MINISTER NARENDRA MODI scored a stunning political victory in March when his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) overwhelmingly won state elections in Uttar Pradesh (UP), India’s most populous and politically significan
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Turkey’s Erdogan Threatens a Breakup With the E.U.
TURKEY’S PRESIDENT RECEP TAYYIP Erdogan is running out of insults. The Germans, he insists, are “Nazis” and the Dutch are “fascists,” all because they blocked Turkish officials from campaigning in their countries for Turkey’s upcoming referendum. Mor
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Britain Keeps Calm and Carries on After Parliament Attack
THREE DAYS AFTER KHALID MASOOD mounted the March 22 attack in London, Muslim community organizers in the British city of Birmingham held a rally to show that extremists do not represent their faith. The country’s right-wing newspapers had latched on
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DIED South African anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Kathrada, 87. Kathrada spent more than 26 years in prison, many of them alongside Nelson Mandela, for fighting against white minority rule. Cardinal William H. Keeler, 86, of Baltimore. He strove to
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Why D.C.’s Missing Children Became a Political Rallying Cry
WHEN THE WASHINGTON, D.C., police department began sharing pictures of the District’s missing children on social media earlier this year, its goal was simply to spread the word. Then the faces of more than two dozen black and Latino kids and teens be
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Sleep, Thy Name Is Gadget
BRINGING TECH INTO THE BEDROOM CAN BE MORE HARMFUL THAN HELPFUL. GLANCING AT YOUR phone before hitting the sack may be distracting and, more important, the blue light its screen emits is known to make falling asleep more difficult. But that’s not tru
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plus A BLUEPRINT FOR TODAY MOONSHOTS FOR TOMORROW AND A PLAN FOR GETTING IT RIGHT WHEN PRESIDENT TRUMP DECLARED, IN his first speech to Congress, “The time has come for a new program of national rebuilding,” the applause was loud and long. This p
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Building a Nation
Merrill Fabry America has been creating the architecture of national life since before it was a nation. 1673 The route of the Post Road or King’s Highway is first traveled to deliver mail from NYC to Boston. Eventually stretching from Boston to Ch
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Modernize the Skies
HIGH UP IN AIRPORT CONTROL towers and in darkened tracking facilities, a technological revolution is set to take your next flight into the 21st century. Known as NextGen, the joint Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and aviation-community program
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What I Would Build
TIME asked leading experts to share their big infrastructure ideas MAYA LIN My dream project is to rethink what a landfill could be. If you recycled all that you could––and made sure nothing toxic was allowed in––you could recoup billions in resour
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Better Batteries
Justin Worland In an otherwise empty lot near San Diego, two dozen trailers jammed with 400,000 batteries are part of an experiment that could revolutionize clean energy. If it works, the batteries would solve a key problem with wind and solar power
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A Safer, Smarter Grid
UNLESS YOU THINK TREES ARE secretly waging war on humans, the great Northeastern blackout of Aug. 14, 2003, wasn’t caused by an attack. When a transmission line in northern Ohio began to sag because of the intense summer heat, it tangled with the bra
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Pick a Lock
Josh Sanburn The worst bottleneck along America’s 25,000 miles of inland waterways is in a stretch of southern Illinois where the Ohio River meets the Mississippi and the Cumberland and Tennessee rivers splinter off. There, boats carrying thousands
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Internet for All
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The Waterworks
Josh Sanburn Clean water is as vital to the nation as roads and bridges, but it’s a piece of infrastructure Americans tend to take for granted—until something goes wrong. The latest reminder came in the form of the water crisis in Flint, Mich., in 2
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Tunnel out of Danger
NEW YORK CITY IS CONNECTED to New Jersey by two decrepit single-track train tunnels running beneath the Hudson River, each 106 years old and in desperate need of an overhaul. Their concrete is cracking. Both tunnels flooded during Superstorm Sandy, a
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Making Trains Run on Time
THE MOST CONGESTED CHOKE POINT for train traffic in North America is here in Chicago. It’s where trains carrying Iowa corn meet black tankers full of North Dakota oil, where railcars with Wyoming coal rattle past others with Michigan SUVs. One-quart
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Beat Back the Sea
Justin Worland The names—Andrew, Katrina, Sandy—are reminders of the devastating storms that hit U.S. shores every few years, claiming lives and causing billions in damage. But in many coastal cities, they can also serve as lessons in the crucial ef
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Bridge to the Future
COMMUTERS WHO CROSS THE OHIO River between Cincinnati and Covington, Ky., know to expect traffic jams on the Brent Spence Bridge. Constructed in 1963, the span was built to accommodate 80,000 vehicles a day. As a critical link in the trade corridor r
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How to Get It Right
AMERICA IS RIPE FOR MAJOR INVESTMENT IN infrastructure. But making it pay off will require not just addressing the funding gaps but also fundamentally redesigning the country’s approach. McKinsey’s research suggests that every well-spent dollar of in
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Art in the Age of Trump: The Whitney Biennial Takes a First Crack
THERE ARE A LOT OF FIRSTS AT THIS year’s Whitney Biennial, the Whitney Museum of American Art’s survey of contemporary art in the U.S. every two years. It’s the first Biennial at the museum’s new downtown New York City location, the capacious Renzo P
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When the Film Greats Went to War
STEPHANIE ZACHAREK WHEN THE GREAT CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD filmmaker George Stevens put his career on hold to enter the service in 1943, he left behind a treasure box of entertainments like the luminous Astaire-Rogers musical Swing Time and Woman of the Ye
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Darkness visible in 13 Reasons Why
DANIEL D’ADDARIO THE HUNGER GAMES AND Divergent film series have ended, and yet 13 Reasons Why, a new show on Netflix adapted from Jay Asher’s hit young-adult novel, proves that dystopia remains as compelling as ever. Its characters may not be fight
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Take Me to Church
IT’S A LESSON APT FOR A BOOK ABOUT FAITH: THINGS happen for a reason. The waves of conservative Protestant influence that have swept American life at various points in history have often seemed to come out of nowhere. The emergence of the Christian r
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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Roomba
THERE IS A UNIQUE KIND OF MODERN-ERA RAGE THAT erupts when you call your credit-card company because you don’t recognize a charge on your bill. Maybe it’s true that your spouse made the charge, but the fact that your spouse wasn’t listening when you
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John Lewis
The Georgia Congressman and veteran of the civil rights movement discusses the health care vote, a Russia investigation and why he’s hopeful for the future