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May 15 2017
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What you said about ... THE TIME 100 Sarah Deschamps of Naples, Fla., was one of many readers who praised TIME’s annual list of the world’s most influential people, calling it a much-needed reminder that “there are people reaching high, and bringing
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For the Record
‘If the election had been on Oct. 27, I would be your President.’ HILLARY CLINTON, former U.S. Secretary of State and presidential candidate, arguing that she was “on the way to winning” the 2016 election until the FBI reopened its investigation int
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The Budget Battle Shows That Trump Needs to Read the Fine Print
AS DONALD TRUMP’S WHITE HOUSE continued in hyperdrive to promote his first 100 days as a breakout reality-show hit, congressional aides a few blocks east were negotiating a deal to avert a disastrous government shutdown over the current funding agree
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Walter Scott killer pleads guilty A white former South Carolina police officer pleaded guilty to civil rights violations for the fatal shooting of Walter Scott, an unarmed black man, in 2015. Michael Slager’s state murder trial collapsed with a hung
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Venezuela Nears a Tipping Point, and a Violent Endgame
IT’S EASY TO SEE WHY HUGE NUMBERS OF furious Venezuelans have hit the streets in recent weeks. Years of mismanagement have left the country’s oil-export-dependent economy in a shambles. To appease the angry poor, President Nicolás Maduro announced a
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Jonathan Demme
STEPHANIE ZACHAREK THERE ARE PLENTY OF MODERN-DAY DIRECTORS WHO ARE COOL, as Jonathan Demme was, and some who perhaps have as much heart. But no one else has shown such perfectly balanced proportions of both. In obvious ways and in subtle ones, Dem
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Why Aliens Would (Probably) Come in Peace
WHEN THE MARTIANS FIRST LAND on Earth in the 1996 sci-fi comedy Mars Attacks!, for a moment it appears all will be fine. “We come in peace,” says their leader, as the music swells and a dove soars overhead. Seconds later the Martian pulls out a laser
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The Surprising Evolution of Cinco de Mayo
OLIVIA B. WAXMAN TO MANY AMERICANS, CINCO DE MAYO IS A day for eating Mexican food and imbibing liberally. But the real history is far more politically charged. It started in the 1860s. France wanted to expand its empire into Mexico, and Napoleon I
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Surprising News About Salt
FINALLY, SOME RELIEF FOR PEOPLE WHO EAT TOO MUCH SALT (89% OF AMERICANS, TO BE EXACT): A NEW study found that healthy people who reported eating more sodium had no higher blood pressure than those who ate less—suggesting the risks of sodium for healt
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Purple Coffee, Rainbow Toast and the Politics of Unicorns
WHENEVER I’M FEELING DOWN ABOUT the world, I drink poison. Not quick-acting poison. The stuff with a longer half-life: sugary delights that get my heart thrumming. America seems to do the same. For five days, starting on April 19, the country gorged
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Alexa Takes the Stand: Listening Devices Raise Privacy Issues
WHEN VICTOR COLLINS WAS FOUND DEAD, FLOATING faceup in his friend James Bates’ hot tub in Bentonville, Ark., one chilly morning in November 2015, police were quick to suspect foul play. Broken glass littered the patio, and blood was splattered on a b
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What Does Trump See When He Looks Back in History? Mostly He Sees ... Trump
IT WAS VINTAGE RONALD REAGAN. ADDRESSING A fundraiser for the JFK Library in 1985, the 40th President mused about the mystery and magic of the White House. “Nothing is ever lost in that great house; some music plays on,” Reagan said to an audience th
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Warning: The Next Global Security Threat Isn’t What You Think
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How to Keep America Safe
FOREIGN AID IS often in the hot seat, but today the heat is cranked up especially high. The U.S. government, one of the world’s most influential donors, is considering dramatic cuts to health and development programs around the world. I understand wh
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The Negotiator
ON THE MORNING OF AUG. 18, 1976, TWO American soldiers set off to trim a poplar tree in the Korean demilitarized zone (DMZ). The tree was obscuring the line of sight between U.N. and North Korean guard towers on the narrow strip of land that has sepa
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The Last Act. After 146 Years, the Circus Is Leaving Town for Good
Though it might sound quaint, there was a time when people could be astonished. Before supercomputers fit into shirt pockets and Presidents tweeted. Before moving pictures were beamed through the air. Before moving pictures. Not only could people be
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On Broadway, It’s Déjà Vu All Over—and Not Just for Groundhog Day
AT THE END OF THE 1993 ROMANTIC comedy Groundhog Day, after a seeming eternity of waking up over and over again on the same day, weatherman Phil Connors finally, truly, spiritually awakens. Twenty-four years later, Phil is again trapped inside of Feb
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TV’s Great New Heroine Is Born in The Handmaid’s Tale
IT HARDLY SEEMS COINCIDENTAL THAT MARGARET ATWOOD’S 1985 novel The Handmaid’s Tale is one of two classics to garner renewed interest after President Trump’s election. (The other, George Orwell’s 1984, is being adapted for Broadway this summer.) Handm
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Guardians Vol. 2 Laughs It Up, Self-Indulgently
STEPHANIE ZACHAREK AS MODERN GARDEN-VARIETY ESCAPIST CINEMA goes, there’s nothing inherently wrong with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, director and writer James Gunn’s sequel to his 2014 megahit, both adapted from the Marvel comics series. But this
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Debra Winger
BELINDA LUSCOMBE The three-time Academy Award nominee, 61, who famously withdrew from movies for six years, plays a long married woman in the comedy The Lovers. This movie is about a less-than-optimal long marriage. Are you not a fan of long marria
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Dysfunction by the Plateful in The Dinner
S.Z. REPRESSED GROWNUPS AND THEIR PROBLEMS ARE A bounteous source of inspiration for writers and film-makers, and The Dinner—which director Oren Moverman adapted from Herman Koch’s 2009 novel—serves up a multicourse feast of dysfunction. Richard Ger
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The Girls off the Cliff
SARAH BEGLEY PAULA HAWKINS RODE TO fame on her 2015 hit The Girl on the Train, a book that deftly deploys the “girl” thriller subgenre that includes Gone Girl, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Before, The Girl from Home, The Girl on the Bri
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Whose Privilege Is Showing? Probably Mine. But Don’t Ask Me to Check Anyone Else
WHEN I WAS 16, I WORKED IN THE NURSING HOME A FEW miles from my house. It sat without irony right next to a funeral parlor. There was just a driveway between the two buildings, and the funeral director used to send leftover flower arrangements that w
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Elizabeth Strout
The Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Olive Kitteridge returns with a story collection, Anything Is Possible, about war, personal trauma and class divides