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May 29 2017
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What you said about ... TRUMP AFTER HOURS “I won!” Late Show host Stephen Colbert exclaimed after President Trump described him as a “no-talent guy” in an interview accompanying Michael Scherer and Zeke J. Miller’s May 22 cover story. “Don’t you kno
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Why a Global Cyber Crisis Stalled—This Time
IN THE END, IT WASN’T THE CYBER Armageddon that it seemed to be at first glance. What has been described as the largest ever ransomware attack—a cybercriminal scheme that locks up computer files until victims pay a ransom—holds the paradoxical disti
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Court won’t rule on North Carolina law The Supreme Court decided not to hear a case to reinstate the 2013 North Carolina voting law, which rejected forms of ID used disproportionately by black voters and was found to be racially discriminatory by lo
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President Trump Goes Global
Donald Trump will embark on his first trip abroad as U.S. President on May 19. His eight-day itinerary includes stops in the symbolic homes of three Abrahamic religions: SAUDI ARABIA Trump will meet King Salman on May 20 for bilateral talks. He wil
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Indefatigable Merkel Complicates Europe’s Need to Reform
ON MAY 14, ANGELA MERKEL TOOK A MAJOR step toward winning a fourth term as German Chancellor. Her Christian Democratic Union won a key state election in North Rhine–Westphalia, Germany’s most populous region and the home state of Martin Schulz, the c
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Sentencing Reversal Angers Both Sides
MAYA RHODAN ON MAY 12, TWO DAYS AFTER PRESIDENT Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions dropped a bombshell of his own: Federal prosecutors should pursue the most serious possible charges in all criminal cases, no m
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Why Your Portfolio Should Be Stocked With Global Shares
LOST AMID ALL THE TALK OF THE “TRUMP bump” on Wall Street is the fact that U.S. equities, while up, have actually been among the worst performers in the world this year. Stock markets in Mexico, China, Spain, France, Brazil, South Korea, Singapore, P
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Why the Census Matters Now More Than Ever
THE QUESTION OF HOW MANY MEN, women and children live within our borders seems an academic one. A factoid, easily answered by the U.S. Census Bureau, which, by constitutional decree, updates its tally every decade using an army of 635,000 “enumerator
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The Birth of the U.S. Police Force
OLIVIA B. WAXMAN WHEN PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY NAMED the week of May 15 as National Police Week, he noted that law enforcement had been protecting Americans since the nation’s birth. But in fact, the U.S. police force is not so old. In colonial ti
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Why Your Power Company Wants to Sell You More Than Electricity
THE 2,600-SQ.-FT. TAN HOUSE IN Houston Heights looks like any other in the neighborhood five miles from the city’s booming downtown: paneled siding; a tidy, verdant yard; and a kitchen updated with granite countertops. Look deeper, however, and the
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Searching for a Soul Mate Is Futile. The Ideal Partner Is the One You Create
“GIVEN THAT YOU HAVE 500,000,000 POTENTIAL soul mates,” writes Randall Munroe in the science book What If?, “you would find true love only in one lifetime out of 10,000.” A cousin of mine gave a toast along these lines at his brother’s wedding. He c
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Trump’s Aggressive Moves in a Sloppy Game of Political Chess May Be His Undoing
THE MOST AGGRESSIVE OPENING IN CHESS IS CALLED the King’s Gambit. On the second move, White sacrifices a pawn that typically protects his king for a blitzkrieg assault on Black. It’s audacious. With no preparation, no careful groundwork, White signal
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Trump’s Loyalty Test
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Hacking Democracy
ON MARCH 2, A DISTURBING REPORT HIT the desks of U.S. counterintelligence officials in Washington. For months, American spy hunters had scrambled to uncover details of Russia’s influence operation against the 2016 presidential election. In offices in
TIME10 min readPolitics
The Jobs That Weren’t Saved
A mile from the Carrier plant President Trump helped keep open, another factory is moving to Mexico and putting 300 Americans out of work
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Growing Up in Public
Parents are putting their kids’ lives on YouTube and making a living out of having fun. But this family business has a downside
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