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August 7 2017
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What you said about ... THE SECRET HISTORY OF ELECTION 2016 Massimo Calabresi’s July 31 cover story on President Obama’s secret plan to safeguard the 2016 presidential election from Russian hackers was “fascinating,” said Univision anchor Enrique A
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For the Record
‘WE HAVE DECIDED TO LET OUR SON GO.’ CONNIE YATES, mother of Charlie Gard, announcing her family’s decision to end a three-month legal battle to stop a London hospital from taking their terminally ill infant son off life support; the case received i
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Trump’s Attacks Sow Chaos in Washington
IT WAS A PERFORMANCE REVIEW NO employee wants to hear, delivered by an angry boss in a setting that broadcast the humiliation. Standing in the Rose Garden on July 25, President Donald Trump excoriated U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing
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Sweltering truck leads to 10 deaths Ten undocumented immigrants died and dozens were severely injured after being smuggled into the U.S. and put inside the back of a tractor-trailer, which was discovered stopped by a Texas Walmart. The driver was ar
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Qatar Settles in for a Long Standoff
IN A SPRAWLING FARM COMPLEX IN the desert north of Doha, more than 300 cows occupy a warehouse, munching on piles of grass. In one pen sits a group of newborn calves, gangly legs folded, ears twitching. The cows make no sound at all, apart from a gen
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As Congress Fights, Thousands Camp out for Free Health Care
IN THE WEE HOURS OF JULY 21, THE PARKING LOT of a county fairground in Wise, Va., was packed with families sleeping in their cars or in makeshift beds tucked between vehicles. They were camping out not for coveted tickets to a concert but for entry t
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Liberal Democracy Is Eroding Right in Europe’s Backyard
POLAND’S PRESIDENT ANDRZEJ DUDA vetoed a bid on July 24 by the ruling Law and Justice Party that would have crippled rule of law in that country by stripping its highest court of its independence. He may well have been motivated by the huge protests
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Jordan Spieth
SEAN GREGORY Meltdowns in Major tournaments have a way of wrecking golfers. Jordan Spieth was hailed as the game’s next great after winning the 2015 Masters and U.S. Open at the age of 21. Spieth was poised to add a second straight green jacket the
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It’s O.K. to Be a Coward About Cancer
SINCE JOHN MCCAIN’S BRAIN CANCER diagnosis became public, I’ve watched a lot of well-meaning people tell a brave man to be brave. “Cancer doesn’t know what it’s up against,” tweeted President Obama, encouraging his former opponent to “give it hell.”
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How Climate Change Became a Political Issue
JUSTIN WORLAND CLIMATE CHANGE CAN SEEM LIKE AN intractably divisive issue in U.S. politics. But that polarization is a surprisingly recent phenomenon, and it didn’t develop all at once. As new evidence emerged in the 1980s that humans were heating
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Notre Dame Cathedral Is Crumbling. Who Will Help Save It?
ON AN AVERAGE SUMMER DAY IN PARIS, ABOUT 50,000 tourists pass through Notre Dame cathedral, one of the finest buildings of the medieval era still standing. Visitors from dozens of countries gaze up at the spectacular stained-glass windows, tiptoe thr
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How to Ease Europe’s Fears About the New U.S.-Russia Relationship
VLADIMIR PUTIN IS A MALEVOLENT FORCE IN INTERNATIONAL relations. He constantly scans the horizon for opportunities to inflict damage on his biggest strategic target: the transatlantic alliance. He calculates that anything he does to damage it increas
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The Art of the Hostage Deal
Armed Venezuelan police stormed Thamara Candelo’s apartment complex at dawn on June 30, 2016. It was two weeks after her wedding day, and Candelo’s American husband, Joshua Holt, was lying in their bed in Caracas. One officer demanded to see his visa
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Hope From a Strange Source
Antidepressants were heralded as miracle cures when they were introduced over half a century ago. But they never worked for everyone. Now, some doctors and patients are putting their faith in a club drug
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Lethally Blonde
EARLY IN ATOMIC BLONDE, CHARLIZE Theron slowly stands up from an ice bath. Her back emerges, sinewy and covered in myriad dark purple bruises. When she looks in the mirror, a badly blackened eye stares back. This is not a woman to be crossed. Theron
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Darkness Under the Sun on USA’s Gripping Drama The Sinner
FOR MANY YEARS, USA NETWORK was known for its “blue skies” programming strategy. Particularly during the summer months, USA’s airtime was especially airy, studded with low-stakes procedural dramas and relatably quirky characters. Royal Pains, White C
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E!’s Teen Queen of Screens
DANIEL D’ADDARIO KYLIE JENNER, STAR OF E!’S NEW REALITY SHOW LIFE OF KYLIE, is in a curious position. She’s the next-generation emissary of the Kardashian family, a high-flying group that strives to showcase its fidelity to a homey sort of reality.
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Atomic Blonde Kicks You Where It Hurts
STEPHANIE ZACHAREK IF YOU’VE WATCHED A LOT OF VIOLENT action movies, you may have seen the old knife-in-forehead trick or its subtler cousin, the cheek key-jab. But you’ve never seen those moves in a picture that stars Charlize Theron, the tall drin
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Tyler, the Creator Opens Up
JAMIESON COX TYLER, THE CREATOR’S career has been defined by immaturity. The Odd Future ringleader’s many talents—his ear for production, his gravel-studded growl, his cross-disciplinary aesthetic—have often been overshadowed by his penchant for lur
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The Hidden (and Not-so-Hidden) Racism in Kids’ Lit
REVISITING A FAVORITE CHILDREN’S BOOK packs a powerful emotional punch. For many mothers and fathers, sharing the books their parents read to them with their own kids, decades later, is one of the highlights of the early years. But oftentimes stories
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How This Family of Worrywarts Copes in an Age of Anxiety
MY YOUNGEST SON, WHO IS 10, HAS LONG HAD AN OBSESSION that crops up whenever we get in the car. As he climbs into the back seat he will peer over my shoulder at the dashboard and, depending on his mood, may ask the question we both know he is thinkin
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Naoki Higashida
The Japanese author of The Reason I Jump and Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8 describes what it’s like to be a person with nonverbal autism