Texas tracks reopening
Jan Haynes Complaint Against Jane Nelson
Dan Patrick Letter About TRC (8-31-15)
TRC to Tracks About Closure
World Series Rodeo Breaks Open Today
New Coliseum Wins Praise of Rodeo Association Men
1st World Series Rodeo Slated for New Coliseum
Rodeo Chief, Fair Official Plan '59 Event
NFR Opening Day 1959
Appeal in Super Bowl XLV seating trial
TRC Historical Racing Terminal Comments
Budget deadline for Texas Racing Commission
Proposed Grand Prairie City Council District Map
Proposed GP City Council District Map
Super Bowl XLV trial motion about Scott Suprina
Motion to Withdraw as Legal Counsel of Defendant
TEA letter to Prime Prep Academy
Board Agenda 20140804
Gerstlauer Amusement Rides filing against Six Flags
Terry Glenn Lawsuit (Second Amended Petition)
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