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He Future of the South African Electronics Industry
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general magazine
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Starbucks is characterized by its “third place concept”.
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Rich Text Editor TV and Magazine Ads More Effective Than Ads on Internet April 1, 2009. New York, NY. McPheters & Company has released results of a study conducted in co-operation with Condé Nast and CBS Vision which explored the relative effectiveness of ads on television, in magazines, and on the Internet. The study used McPheters & Company’s AdWorksTM methodology to provide comparable measures of ad effectiveness across multiple media, using 30-second TV ads, full-page 4-color magazine ads, and Internet banner ads in standard sizes. Additionally, eye-tracking software was used to determine whether – and under what circumstances – Internet ads were actually seen by respondents. Matched groups of respondents were recruited to spend 30 minutes with a single medium in a laboratory setting. They either watched a choice of sit-coms, read a magazine they selected, or surfed the Internet at will. At the end of the period, they filled out similar online surveys that asked whether they rec
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