Monetary Policy Statement January 2015
Kaldor - 1939 - Speculation and Economic Stability
Alchian and Klein - 1973 - On a Correct Measure of Inflation
Wrap Sheet - Jun 17, 2011
Silber - 1984 - Marketmaker Behavior in an Auction Market, An Analysis of Scalpers in Futures Markets
Hertzel and Smith - Market Discounts and Shareholder Gains for Placing Equity Privately
Comment - 2011 - Revisiting the Illiquidity Discount for Private Companies, A Skeptical
Simand and Caskey - 1994 - The Susan B. Anthony Dollar and the Theory of Coin-note Substitutions
Liu - 2005 - A Liquidity Augmented Capital Asset Pricing Model
Lavoie - 1999 - The Credit Led Supply of Deposits and the Demand for Money, Kaldor's Reflux Mechanism as Previously Endorsed by Joan Robinson
Wrap Sheet - Oct 26, 2011
Selgin - 1994 - On Ensuring the Acceptability of a New Fiat Money
Shiller - Fear of the Crash Caused the Crash
Cowen - The New Monetary Economcs
Wrap Sheet - Feb 14, 2012
Wrap Sheet - July 12, 2012
Glasner - The Real-Bills Doctrine in the Light of the Theory of Reflux
The Precipitation and Fall of Mess. Douglas, Heron and Co, Late Bankers in Air With the Causes of their Distress and Ruin Investigated and Considered
Clower - 1967 - A Reconsideration of the Microfoundations of Monetary Theory
Money in an Economy Without Banks - the Case of Ireland
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