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会津鶴ヶ城を背に初日の出を仰ぎながら剣大介は心に誓った。オレは剣の道を極め漢になるのだ!! 春とは名のみの雪深い会津に16歳の若い血潮は雄叫びをあげるのだった……巨匠が描く、青春ロマン長編! Original Maki Makio(scripts) Takashi(drawing pictures) turns on. 2 grader swords Daisuke of Byakko Gakuen began to learn kendo in whole heart that want to be popular with female. Rival is at Okada of Hokuto high school. In appearances, do not win, too, in results, too, in kendo, too. In the kendo club, lured by the Domoto of captain, and the aiming defeat Hokuto. Whereas, a body Byakko Union " of wool that is led by Gotouta for Gakuen was hoarse the terror. Sayoko of Madonna is mix the button man, and Okada helps. Also, Daisuke credit interception by Okada for date when grasped at arsonist, too, and min was bad for Daisuke I can. Daisuke that helped child in ski resort ranges hospitalization to Hospital of father of Okada for injury. In nurses etsuko in there, fellatio is then urine collection. Domoto was graduated, and Daisuke was left kendo club captain. Undergoing instruction of swords in Gotouta of resourceful person to cover merit due.