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お好み焼屋さんの一人娘・やっこは、お店を手伝いながら大学に通う普通の女の子。やっこはある時学校で、髪が黄色と赤の、派手で悪そうなお兄さん・剛と出会う。お好み焼き屋の常連さん・里美と剛は、人気バンド「ビーハイヴ」のメンバーだった!! みんなの憧れの的、里美さんがやっこを好きだと言い出して…!? 大ヒットアニメの原作コミック、女の子たちの恋のバイブルが登場!! Ordinary girl that only daughter tofu of taste burns monger san, while helping shop goes to college When there is tofu, it is school, and my hair is showy of yellows and rouge meets that poor brother, Tsuyoshi. ! ! regular san and Satomi and takeshi restaurants, who was member of popular bands "bahai V" "It is like tofu", ! foci of yearning of everyone, Satomi san says? !! originals comics of animated video blockbuster, love bible of A girls