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広島県南東の沖合10キロに浮かぶ周囲約15キロの小さな瀬戸島本島と分島を合わせた瀬戸島町。本島と分島合わせても、わずか8人の中学校野球部。その小さな学校へ転校生・新村がやって来た。分校の敷嶋あきらと帆足、本校の6人を合わせて8人の野球部員は、新村の入部で9人が揃い、ついに試合ができると喜ぶ。だが、初試合の相手は広島大会で準優勝した強豪・芸備中野球部で…! Seto island mainland with approximately 15 kilometer tiny ambient that float on southeastward Hiroshima prefecture coast 10 kilometer and Seto island city that islands were combined. Even if main island and min island together, 8 junior high school baseball division only. Transfer student niimura blew in tiny the teaching institution. Shikishima openings and hoashi of branch school, 6 of main school is combined, and 8 baseball crews, align 9 is part of Shinchon, and game is delighted when satisfactory finally. However, in the first game partner opponent veterans art Bicchu baseball team that was Hiroshima Games 2nd place...!