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高校3年生の琴子は、入学式で一目惚れした入江直樹に告白する決心をしたが、勇気を出して渡したラブレターを直樹は「いらない。頭の悪い女は嫌いなんだ」と冷たく突き返した。確かに彼はIQ200の超天才でスポーツ万能、彼女にとっては高嶺の花。追い討ちをかけるように自宅が地震で崩壊してしまい、父・重雄の親友の家に親子で身を寄せることに。ところがそこはなんと直樹の家! ふたりは同居を余儀なくされてしまったのだ!! The third year of high school Kotoko decision that bare one's soul to Irie Naoki that will love in school entrance ceremonies one look, but love letter that courage passed was issued without Naoki ". Female with bad brains sent back dislike my " coldly. He is super genius of IQ200 for sport universal, her flower on lofty heights in fact. My house would collapse in an earthquake so that rub salt in the wound, and the living under roof in parent and children in home of best friends of father Shigeo. By contrast, that of the house ! wow ! The two men are that cohabitation was forced ! !