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高校3年生の琴子は、入学式の日に一目ぼれした天才イケメンの直樹に、ついに想いを打ち明ける決心をした。ところが勇気を出してラヴレターを渡そうとした琴子に直樹は「いらない」。さらに、「頭の悪い女は嫌いだ」と冷たく言い放つ。しかし、偶然にも、直樹と同じ屋根の下で暮らすことになった琴子の運命は…。笑いあり、涙あり、とびっきりハッピーな不滅の大人気作『イタキス』がフルカラー版で好評配信中!! The third year of high school Kotoko decisions that bare one's soul to Irie Naoki that will love in school entrance ceremonies one look, but love letter that courage passed was issued without Naoki ". Female with bad brains sent back dislike my " coldly. He is super genius of IQ200 for sport universal, her flower on lofty heights in fact. My house would collapse in an earthquake so that rub salt in the wound, and the living under roof in parent and children in home of best friends of father Shigeo. By contrast, that of the house ! wow ! The two men are that cohabitation was forced ! !