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レストランで下働きをしていた風吹涼二は、料理評論家の鰐口が料理長も知らない『伊勢海老のソース・タンベット』を注文したとき、代わってその料理を作り上げる。弱冠22歳でメール・ド・パリの総料理長になった天才コック、風吹高志が彼の兄だったからだ。その高志が事故死して、彼の遺した海猫亭を涼二が引き継ぐことになった。 When cooking essayed critics alligator send for source Tan bed " Ise Lobster that chefs do not know, too, Fubuki Suzuka 2 that was working into jackal in restaurant change round, and forge the cooking. As it was genius cooks that became total of mail de Paris in tender ages 22 years old, brothers with hiss Fubuki Takashi, in one. The takashi is accidental death, and Suzuka 2 will take over Tei that he left. Hasumi that became widow and Masuta of seconds, Toridzuka of apprentice, Enami of serving cum manager ranges staff. It is not expensive food, use local seasons object, and high Shino that Japan the French cuisine that is not eaten only in Japan shall be offered at low prices