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わが「夢通り商店街」に草野球チームが誕生する! 街中に野球熱が吹きまくる。 主人公・二日市鉄矢、家は酒屋、五番打者、守備はセカンド(本当はサードがやりたくてしょうがない)、背番号3。 交通事故で母親をなくし、酒好きの親父と出戻りの姉と三人暮らしだが、家中にケンカがたえない… Homes of son Tetsuya of the liquor store are at four lives of Nabeta of lodger in sisters eggs of my father and divorced woman. While mothers Shizue was living, it was family with good Naka, but mores were rolling round in quarrel. Tetsuya, beer a case to hanky-panky sandlot baseball, too. Tetsuya our dreams as dreams "opening game, you lit in weak, too, and turned into pity party in snacks Satomi taste". See mole on the upper arm of Mrs. Darling fuss. Recordings harvest "overlooking, Special..."following"glory of sliding" "spring breezes breeze light up !"left-handed pitcher of setting suns" "super baseball" "love of Korakuen" burning