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都立英知高等学校・剣道部1年生、宮本浩介。合宿中に起こった女子のパンツ盗難事件の嫌疑を受けたことから、3年で3段の実力者・南と試合することになった。宮本は負けたが、次の団体戦の選手に加えられる。ところが屋上から飛び降りて自殺未遂を図った学園のマドンナ・桃子を受け止めたために、大怪我を負ってしまった。それでも出場を強行した宮本は、何と大将に。団体戦の戦法で、大将戦の前に3勝あげて勝ちを決めてしまおうという算段である。しかし結果は2対2で、大将戦で勝敗が決することとなった。宮本は敵の大将・鶴田に見事勝利し、英知高は2回戦に進む。 High school of municipals wisdom and fencing department freshman, Miyamoto Kousuke. From having woman pants theft crime charges that occurred in training camp, will play against three steps the real abilities a person Minami in 3 years. Miyamoto in addition to the following team lost. By contrast, jumped from rooftop, and injury with large university Madonna Momoko that attempted suicide aim was seriously to be perceived. Even so, in the Daisho (Major Captain Miyamoto that forced name. In fighting methods of team competitions, before chiefs war 3 masarus up, and it is contrivance that determined victory. However, results are 2 vs 2, and victory or defeat will be decided by chiefs war. Miyamoto will beautifully victory in the Taisho and Tsuruta enemy, and wisdom high proceeds to 2 fights of rounds.