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双子でありながら、シンガー・ソング・ライターとして持てはやされている鷹見愁(たかみ・しゅう)と、その付き人兼運転手としてこき使われる身の鷹見慧(たかみ・けい)。幼い時に遭った交通事故が、二人の命運を分けた。頬にひどい火傷を負ったがゆえに過酷な運命に翻弄された慧は、無傷の愁が金持ちの養子に迎えられ何不自由ない生活を送った上、慧の作った曲を奪って人気歌手になった事を憎み、入れ替わることを企む。 While it is twins, Takami Sato of body that is put upon as Takami Shiu that hold is cheeried as singer and song and writer and the attendant cum driver. When infant, traffic accidents segregated 2 fates. I suffered severe burns in cheek, but therefore, Satoshi that was buffeted by hardships steals music that intact Shiu was adopted a rich feel uncomfortable what life form of Eno on sent,, and becoming popular singer is hated, and frame up being replaceds. Joe secretly put out by plastic operation wounds on the cheek, and was adding special makeup scar moreover. Disguise as a(large burns the Urei in a traffic accidents, and myself appear on spotlight as Urei. Professional