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きまぐれでミステリアスな美少女にドッキドキ☆ 超能力一家の長男・恭介は引越し初日に美少女・鮎川まどかと出会う。転校先の中学で再会した2人だが、まどかはみんなから恐れられる不良少女だった! まどかに惹かれる恭介だが、一方で後輩のひかるが猛アタックしてきて…!? Dikidokiing the pretty girl and mysterious caprice oldest sons Kiyousuke son of the psychic powers family meets with beautiful girls Aikawa tranquil on first day of move. It is 2 who reunited in point junior high next school, but tranquil was bad girl who is feared by everyone ! It is Kiyousuke that is drawn to tranquil, but whereas, in, ! younger Hikaru the fierce attack?