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浮世絵の巨人・葛飾北斎は、大きな屈託を胸に抱えていた。安藤広重をら新しい才能の登場に危機感を覚え、友人・滝沢馬琴の衰えに不安を感じ、焦燥に老いた身を灼かれながら画業に邁進し、引越しを繰り返す日々。その弟子・捨八は狩野派の絵師の倅でありながら枕絵師として頭角を現しつつあった。北斎の娘・お栄と、親思いの八百屋の娘・お七の二人はともに捨八に惚れているが……。北斎と捨八、ふたりの絵師の姿と江戸に生きる名も泣き人々の人情を描いた時代ロマンの傑作。単行本未収録分を加え、完全リニューアル版(全3巻)第一弾!収録作「其ノ壱~参」ほか「其ノ四 寒椿」「其ノ五 お七 七草」「其ノ六」「其ノ七 花だより」「其ノ八 母(前編)」「其ノ九 母(後編)」「其ノ十 お栄のこと」「其ノ十一 まどろみ」「其ノ十二 鎌鼬(かまいたち)」「其ノ十三 雛人形夢反故裏(ひなにんぎょうゆめほごうら)」「其ノ十四 屁熊」を含む全14話を収録。 Katsushika giant Hokusai of ukiyoe was suffering great vexation on heart. " I am concerned about the advent of new talent et al. Andou Hiroshige, is worried about decline of friends takizawa Bakin, marches on body that was old in irritation in job of being painted, and day to day that repeat move. Disciple-the spoil 8 was emerging as pillow painter and son of Kano school the painter. She was a daughter of Hokusai, Sakae and daughter, the seventh 2 of 800 shops in kind fall in love with abandoned 8 as well. Names that live in hokusai, spoil 8 and forms of painter of: two and Edo cries, too, and masterpiece of time romance that pictured sympathy for people. The book not included, completely renewed version (X 3 all 3 volumes) - the first ! recorded by "has Jikidaiichi ginseng" other "has four wintern camella"has six"has five to seven Nanakusa"has seven flowers"group eight"