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東京都練馬区にあるアパート「あおば荘」の管理人となった女子中学生と、そこに暮らす奇妙な住人達の愉快な日常を描いたハートフルSFギャグコメディ。ノッカーズによる犯罪が続発する200X年、そんな緊張感とは無縁の練馬区では、女子中学生・横山葵(よこやま・あおい)が、亡き祖父から引き継いだアパート「あおば荘」へ管理人としてやってくる。そこでまず住人に挨拶しようとした葵は、変な生き物・ギャラさんと遭遇して……!? Town atmosphere of the rural and being a city center, deviations of Nerima-ku, Tokyo. There was outrageous secret for residents who live on jerry-building apartment "Aoba Chon" of what is then, there. Apartment house management administrator is at junior high school girl high school students Yokoyama Aoi Chan wow !. Although it was promise with grandfather Chan died of, in residents as well, in cause of unwanted mystery biologicals fee paid to performing artists san, confusion with great days particularly. Today the Aoba Chon echoes Aoi Chan voice, too.