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幕臣ではなく浪人の身分のまま、御腰物奉行や町奉行の依頼を請け、刀の斬れ味や鑑定を行なう御様(ため)し御用の三代・山田朝右衛門。朝右衛門には、家督を継ぐ時に、父の命で、蔭腹を切った父の眉間をたて割りにし、初めての首打ち様(ため)しに、愛した女の首を斬り落としたという凄まじい人生があった……。 Of status of ronin being never vassal of the shogun, being contracts for requests of lumbar objects magistrate and town magistrate, and Katana sword, and taste and mr(because of) is carried out tests of Goyo-3, Yamada morning. In right Emon, when take over as head, in life of father, at forehead of father that cut shade sac was prevented, and waste rate, and the miss first head hits(because of), that there was tremendous life that head of girl off and killed.