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時は明治14年-東京。ハイカラ紳士淑女にまじってちょんまげが悠然と行き交う 当時、煉瓦新地と呼ばれていた銀座通りを急ぐ一台の辻街俥があった…。「柔道の父」と言われた講道館柔道の創始者・加納治五郎とその弟子、西郷四郎の物語が今、幕を開ける!! Time ranges 1881-Tokyo. Mixed in the chichied ladies and gentlemen, and that there was a crossroad street rickshaw that rush at that time when and a topknot sedately, Ginza Dori called brick Shinji. "Father of judo", told founder Kano Jigorou and the disciple of Kodokan Judo, story of saigo shiro opens mores, curtains