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西北池袋署刑事課強行犯係のはみだし刑事・古武良猟。事件によっては相当入れ込むタイプだと知られている。不良だった頃に補導したことのあ る佐恵子が殺された。猟の一言で、本気で更生し保母になろうとしていたのに…。許せねぇ! 怒った猟は佐恵子の女友達と佐恵子の男だった時田の協力を得 て、七沖会が海に浮かべたクルーザーで少女達に売春させていたことを突き止めた。単身殴り込んだ猟は…。本格刑事アクションの快作! Northwest Ikebukuro Police Station ahead criminal charge, and range detective Takenaga old hunting. Being known that it is type-inserting by cases equivalently. Guidance by the time had been poor, Saeko was killed. In single words of Ryou, be restored with earnest, and being trying for nurses. ! ain't forgive Angering Ryou achieve cooperation of Tokita being female friend of Saeko and man of Saeko, and located 7 Oki the meeting's had sex in girls with cruiser that soaked in sea. Ryou alone is at. Impurities full detective that contained "requiem"following "suspicion of assassin's bullet "warrants useless "natural enemies "wounded of wild beast "domination "explosive situation "attempted murder"all 8 talks