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元暴走族の総長・源田義経(げんだ・よしつね)が、さまざまなライバルとのラーメン勝負を繰り広げながら、ラーメン職人として成長していく熱血グルメコミック! 素手で麺上げをする名人芸を持つ「がんてつラーメン」の主人・源田巌鉄(げんだ・がんてつ)。その息子・義経は暴走族「沙羅満陀」の総長であり、喧嘩三昧の日々であった。ある日、レディースのレミに騙されて、店を売る契約をさせられそうになった義経は……!? While total size Genda Yoshitsune of the former hot-rodder(beans, usual state of things all right) is locked in frame game with various rival, zeal gourmet comics that grow as frame maker ! Masters Genda Iwao iron (beans and cancer cancers rut) of "cancers ruts frame" that has artist art who work into noodle making a tuck in bare hands. Son-the Yoshitsune is secretary-general of "Sara Amida" hot rodders, and was day to day of quarrel Sanmai. In one day, he was deceived by Remy of women " s, and ! Yoshitsune that stores rolled round we could contract to is sold?