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一堂零をはじめとした個性的な顔の5人組、通称"奇面組"の面々が暴れまわるドタバタギャグ! 一応中学校に転校してきた河川唯(かわ・ゆい)は、自分のまわりがあまりに無個性な人ばかり、と落胆していた。しかしそこに個性的な顔立ちの上級生が現れて、"個性の追求"と称した大暴れを開始! 彼らこそ、この中学イチの有名集団"奇面組"! そのぶっ飛んだ個性に興味を持った唯は彼らと行動をともにし始めるのだった! Gag ! rampaging quintet of distinctive face such as gather null, commonly called "odd face-" slapstick River Tadashi(skin, Yui) that has been transferred to junior high schools once, and discouragement, was peopling with non unique self Mawari of myself too. However, seniors of the unique features appear on there, and rampage that abbreviated as pursuit "of" character start ! Well-known group "odd face-this"! middle school recommended that they ! Tadashi that was interested in individuality jumped the hit they and action together