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バンカラ道を生きるために,能登から金沢にやってきた南部修作。早速暴走族にさらわれようとしていた美少女・矢島智子を救い、他県からやって来た生徒の入る青雲寮まで案内してもらって一目惚れした。同じ新入生の下脇と一丸とともに寮の先輩たちの歓迎会の洗礼を受けるが、南部は全員を叩きのめしてしまう。すっかりワルの巣窟と化している成巽閣高校に入り、成巽閣四鬼(番長グループ。龍崎の飛龍隊、虎田の白虎隊、熊沢の羆隊、青雲寮の十文字の外人部隊を指す)相手に一歩も引かない豪胆さを見せ、各運動クラブの熱烈な勧誘を受けた。 Southern parts shusaku that has been at it from Noto to Kanazawa to live in rudeness road. Beautiful girls Yajima Akiko who was try to be washed away by the motorcycle gang immediately is saved, and we will have it take student that rolled up from other prefectures entered blue sky hall, and loved one look. Under freshman it was christened the reception of senior members in Dormitory with side and body, but Southern would beat all the members. Entering Tatsumi pavilion High school that is turned into den of badass completely, and Seisonkaku 4(Bancho group. Showing a step hardihood doing not went out refers to wyvern squadron of Ryuuzaki, byakkotai of Torata, brown bear squadron of Kumazawa, cross of foreign legion of blue sky hall), too, and had solicitation with passionate movement athletic each club. Though, Southern parts will be asked to scrubbing brush beard that is lodged at left the loss of interest in of dormitory in graduate, and abolished support site: Bankara-" increase is useless.