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『魁!!男塾』の宮下あきら、伝説のデビュー作が奇跡の復活!!かつて少年ジャンプで連載された大人気作が、30年の時を経て装いも新たに甦る!!宮下ファン必見、平成の今にあえて放つ、魂と男気と友情が満載の一冊!! 必読である!! 1 with soul, chivalry and friendship of full load!! soak in Miyashita fans must that popular harvest that Miyashita openings-Kai !! son juku, legendary debut volume was serialized in Shonen Jump once, miraculously revived !!!, 30 years through the back also look with the most recent, mores of Heisei for something ! ! is required reading