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務める会社の社長令嬢を見事射止めた男・武田瑞樹。しかし、こともあろうに新婚旅行帰りの空港で喧嘩になり、新妻・明日香を怒らせてしまう! 離婚を覚悟した武田は、会社への辞表も提出し、『MEN in SILK』のホストとなることに…。 The Takeda Mizuki and Asuka marital quarrel airport just that returned from honeymoon travel. Takeda will be dazzled by scent that stuck close Uesugi of with host, and angered a Asuka completely without learning one's lesson. Takeda that for was serving daughter of president Shimadzu of company, Asuka expected divorce and submit a resignation to the company, too. If I made a more beautiful woman in mono than (Asuka) before obligate, caustic words is felled, and shot to host of MEN in SILK " s. Dabble can be hanged in customer of No.1 host Shiina, Ayano immediately. Ayano designated Takeda with the follow somehow, and also, lady customer began to call Yuka attends Takeda, too.