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私・田村順子は、1941年東京の巣鴨に生まれました。信州の田舎に疎開中父が亡くなり、酷いいじめを受けたために、姉と共に池袋千早町の叔母の家に預けられたのです。高校生でOLになった姉と一緒に中野区のアパート暮らしを始めました。ちょっと不良していた十七歳の時、モデルのスカウトを受け銀座へ行ったんだけど…。相手に会えず、帰りのお金もなくて途方に暮れていた時に、電車賃を貸してくださったのが、森崎達也さん。大手家電メーカーの社長さんだったんです。彼の紹介で、モデルの仕事をし、セレブの生活を堪能させて貰いました。そして卒業後、銀座の伝説になった『妃』のママ・洋子さんのもとでホステスに…。 I Tamura Toshiko was born in Sugamo of 1941 Tokyo. Evacuation as his father dies in country of Shinshu, and was deposited at Ikebukuro Chisa town aunt's house with sisters to have cruel bullying. Apartment life sisters that became OL in high school students and Nakano ward can be begun together. Although in time of 17 years old that was bad just, we conducted to Ginza Scouts of model is received, When can I do not see the opponent, and return money drew on of wit instead of, too, who lent train fare, Morisaki Tatsuya, are not you. It is president san of large household appliance manufacturers were. In his introduction, did modeling job, and got it enjoyed lives of celebrities. And, after graduate, under the mom and Yoko-princess that became legend of Ginza hostess.