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全国の各高校に武術の達人たちを送り込み、支配を広げようとする謎の組織。それを探っていた疾風と初夏は、母校にも魔の手が伸びたことを知り、遂に正面切って戦うときが来たことを知った。疾風は古来より延々と受け継がれ進化してきた伊賀忍術を、正義のために使うと誓った近代忍者集団『ステルザー』の一員!敵はやはり同じ伊賀の流れをくむ、千賀地忍者集団であった。尖兵の木戸を倒した疾風の前に、千賀地虐殺部隊の焔鐘鬼が出現する。それを倒すや今度は彼らを率いる首領・千賀地冬樹が現れ、恐るべき強さで疾風を一蹴して、初夏を連れ去ってしまった。 Sending Expert of martial arts in each high school of nationals, and mysterious organization that unleash reign opening up. Fresh breeze and early summers that was investigate that knows that black hand grew for alma maters, too, and cut the head finally, and learned fighting date's coming. Fresh breeze ladle member ! enemies in modern ninja populations stelzer flow of the same Iga also who Iga ninjutsu that passed endlessly than ancient, if you used for justice, it was Chika lands ninja group. Before fresh breeze that defeated Kido of advance guards, Hono-bell ogre of Chika lands slaughter force emerges. Boss Chika lands Fuyuki that led they that defeat that next time appears, dismissed fresh breeze in dire strength, and was away early summers. Descendants Matsudaira Ayaka of Tokugawa joins the and fights of fresh breezes it can be either that fresh breeze digs early summers out