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カメラ好き中学生・大野ゆたか。尊敬していた父が取材中に事故死をし、父の残した遺言により弟子であった園田カメラマンが主人公ゆたかを一人前のカメラマンに育てるべく実践指導する物語。望遠レンズを手に入れたゆたかは、新聞部活動の一環として学校のアイドル教師「五月あやめ」の知られざる私生活を隠し撮りすることに成功をした! Camera lovers junior high school students large field Yutaka. Respected father is accidental death in coverage, and story that father coach practice that Sonoda photographer that was disciple by leaving testamentary nurture main character Yutaka into qualified photographers. Yutaka that got telephoto lens succeeded in being secretly private life that grade-school idle teacher "Sami Ayame" is unknown as part of newspaper department activities