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兄の形見のバイク・マッハIII(すりー)を駆る"セパハン"こと片山高介(かたやま・こうすけ)の活躍を描いたバイクアクション。暴走族の伝説的な頭であった亡き兄・信二(しんじ)のバイク・マッハIIIを、絶妙なテクニックで乗りこなすセパハンと呼ばれる高校生・片山高介。そんなある日、暴走族の集会へ行った妹・マキを心配するセパハンは、マッハIIIを飛ばしてマキがいるはずの喫茶店に乗り込むのだが……!? Katayama Kousuke, common name "Sepahan". It is regular high school student glance, but when rides mach 3 of keepsake of brothers Xin 2 being head of a hot rodders, run of legendary brother he hands over is shown. I heard that my sister Maki entered the suke the group was high Akitajo no suke (provincial governor's enters the place of meeting, listen and Maki was taken to another motorcycle gangs