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武田信玄と同じ名を持ち、天下を取る宿命の「みけん星」を背負った高校生・武田晴信が、ケンカ、ラグビーで全国の強敵と戦い、ついには天下を!?その活躍を描くスポーツアクションコミック!「天下を取る」と豪語する晴信は、ワルだらけの風林高校で他中学の元番長・板垣、飯富との対決に勝利し、ふたりを仲間に。しかし悪名高き風林疾風隊が晴信を狙っていた…!! Man Takeda Harunobu who assumed fate that obtain world, tendon stars only amount. On the day of Kofu winds forest high school entrance, wind forest high school declared he was got as gambit. Itagaki that was top cat of junior high school right away and Obu is defeated. And, as male ritual, called on teachers Yazaki of nurse's office governess for other person of first experience. Sakata of charge focuses on diathesis of Harunobu, and recommend rugby. To wind forest fresh breeze squadron of top cat union, in Sachiko of childhood friend that Harunobu is loved's being attacked, Harunobu and fresh breeze squadron will crack up. Other party is at 50. However, Amari of rugby team that solicit is obuing and Sanada, Harunobu the Katta and Iwaki of Itagaki and right arm that observed Harunobu works friends. Serizawa and Amari in Bancho to Aiuchi.