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作家・山形鐘一郎が世の中をぶった斬る! その対象は高級住宅地のベンツ率の高さや合コンにしか興味のない女子大生、(当時起きていた)若貴問題に、デジタル化の世の中までさまざま。しかし、話のメインは彼の豊穣なる食生活とそれを食べた時の「美味し!(うまし)」の叫び! ハクサイナベで「美味し!」、ヌカヅケで「美味し!」、ロックのビールで「美味し!」さああなたもご一緒に! 「美味し!」 ! writer Yamagata Shouichi Shouichirou world The target the college woman that is interested hacking as with quantity luxurious residential areas-vent rate and matchmaking party(was happening in those days) young noble problem to world of digitization. However, mains of talks are at cry of "it looks delicious !(Umashi)" in case of eating habit rolling round his fertile and it ! The Chinese cabbage pans "!" "!", rock beer is "!", nukaduke now with you, too [!]