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達磨親方の率いる弱小相撲部屋。唯一の関取・十両の雄岩が負けると幕下陥落の危機に。親方は何とか勝たせようと、張り手と頭突きの奇手を伝授するが、空振りに終わって負け越しが決定してしまった。ストレス解消のためにタニマチの社長にたかって、ミナミの酒場で豪遊する親方。ベロベロに酔っ払って、深夜弟子たちを叩き起こして稽古をつけたはいいが、翌日二日酔で幕下審判席でゲロを吐いてしまった。天然・トンパチな弱小相撲部屋の達磨親方。でも相撲に対する情熱は、誰にも負けない!土俵に賭ける青年親方奮戦記。 Twilight sumo stable that is led by daruma masterWhen sekitori-10 both male rock sole gives in, of danger of a makushita falls.Master to win, and taught surprise move of slapping and butting somehow, but was unsuccessful, and overall losing record was determined.Putting the bite on president of tanimati for to take the edge off, and master that is spree in bar of skin-on southern bluefin.Being drunk on belovello, and at midnight disciples being caused Move, and Iga that training on being worn, next day if you vomited Gero by makushita trial in hangover.Natives-a ton snap twilight sumo daruma master in the room.As well, young master hard fighting notes that passions to sumo bet on rings that does not give in for who, too.