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死んだ父の遺志を継ぎ、立派な教師になる事を目指す星野理絵。しかし夢膨らませて着任した栄光高等学校は、成績や校則をたてに生徒を虐待する人でなしの巣だった!理不尽な生徒支配に対抗する理絵。絶体絶命の危機に、形見の指輪に宿った父の霊が救いの光を…!「lesson.1 校門」以下「lesson.2 頭髪 1」「lesson.3 頭髪 2」「lesson.4 TVゲーム」「lesson.5 タコ 1」「lesson.6 タコ 2」「lesson.7 指輪 1」「lesson.8 指輪 2」「lesson.9 指輪3」「lesson.10 暴力 1」を収録。 To father's last wishes died of is succeeded, and Hoshino Satoko that becoming outstanding teachers be aimed. However, Satoko that glory High school to posted increased dream counteracts unreasonable student control being nest of monster that abuse student to let out results and school regulations. To desperate struggle, ! light with spirit of father that lodged in mourning-ring of salvation