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神奈川県警の刑事・梶は、同僚の吉村が惨殺され、気のいい売春婦・ミミまでが射殺されたことに怒り、復讐を誓う。麻薬密売組織の虎籐組や一竜会を叩くが、空振りに終わり、拳銃密売組織に狙いを移した。一番怪しい人物は高崎、だが彼は胆石手術で入院中だった。そのうちに、吉村の遺品を処分した者が浮かび、追った梶は虎籐組の大和田と下山を射殺してしまう。ところが彼らは、吉村殺害の犯人ではなかった。梶に反目する刑事の須藤が彼等のアリバイを立証し、梶は警察を去ることになる。病院から高崎が消え、捜査は振り出しに戻った。梶は貿易会社を譲り受けて、社長業に専念する。 The detective, Okaru in Kanagawa prefectural police brutally is killed by Yoshimura of colleague, and it is angered that shot Dead prostitute Mimi with optimistic, and vow revenge. Being hit the narco-traffickers tiger cane group and a dragons the meeting, but was unsuccessful, and explant aimed to gun illegal sales organization. Number 1 shady characters takasakied, however is hospitalized in a gallstone removed. A person of Yoshimura been disposed of floating one of these days, and followed Kaji is shot Oowada and shimoyama of tiger cane group. By contrast, they were not Yoshimura murder suspect. Sudo of detective that is at odds Kaji demonstrates their alibi, and Kaji will leave police. Takasaki disappeared from Hospital, and investigation made start. Kaji takes over trading company, and devote to president professional.