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ツボ療法など「健康作り」に精通している刑事・ツボデカこと坪内健作(つぼうち・けんさく)が、さまざまな難事件を解決していく健康志向な刑事コミック。殺人事件で現場に駆けつけた横町警察署刑事課係長の坪内健作は、その絞殺死体を見た途端に始まったアレルギー性鼻炎をツボ療法ですっきりさせる。そして坪内は、その現場にあった犬のウンコになぜか注目して……!? A health-conscious detective comics that the detective and pressure points big thing Tsubouchi Kensaku(I-Deep thumb countering for gunshots) that are familiar with pot therapy etc "health make" resolves variety of difficult cases.Cause to is neat in acupressure therapy allergic rhinitis that Tsubouchi Kensaku of chief of the lane police station Criminal Affairs Division that rushed to sites in murder caseed the body of a strangled man as soon as he saw.And, Tsubouchi hacks as dog shit that overheaded in the site why attentio n?