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大学生になった朝代ははじめての一人暮らし。しかも、お隣は金髪の超ハンサム。ときめく朝代だったが、その正体はオカマだった! 市松梅之助、通称「デボラさん」は黙っていればカッコイイ男の子なのに、中身は女の子。女友達と割り切って付き合っていた朝代は、いつしか恋に落ちてしまい…!? ヒロイン×ヒロインがお届けする最高にハッピーなラブコメディ!! Asayo that trimed in university student is at living alone for the first time. In addition, mind of blond-looking. It was fluttering Asayo, but the identity was Okama ! If checker Umenosuke, common name "Debora san" is silent, even though it is cool boys, contents are at girl. Divided and female friend, and consorting Asayo, fell in love with...! as the years roll by? Love comedy ! ! happy to heroine x heroine delivered maximum