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1カモなマイ族(チーム) エロビデオ観賞が趣味の加茂。しかしいつも、まがい物ばかり掴まされている。後輩の健児に突っ込まれてマジ切れ、ぶん殴ってしまった。加茂の属している暴走族『死異悶鬼威』の頭・香川が、解散のかかっている次の集会を打ち合わせ。ところがそこに、かつて加茂にボコボコにされて行方不明になっていた仙堂が、ヤクザになってやって来ることが判る。顔を合わせたらヤバイと、加茂には集会を一日遅らせて伝えたのだが…。意外と気楽で楽しい、暴走族ライフ。 Kamo with pornographic video enjoyment of hobby. However, when will be held the only imitation, too. If you broke out really was thrust into the kondei system(regular soldiers guarding the juniors. Heads Kagawa of hot-rodder death different with " of Kamo, meeting next meeting that is taking dissolution. By contrast, there, hsien Keidou that was missing, beat to Kamo once's rolling up, becoming yakuza. When crossed paths, meeting that was delayed for a days for by Jove and Kamo. The easy good, motorcycle gangs unexpectedly. In the "the ducks my family(team)":"ultra-cheap car on suspicion ant?"Unknown causes conflicts month"telephone dating club pickup epic war"V.S Cima long vowel mark"(previous-sequel).