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パンチに破壊力が有り過ぎて、左拳を4度も骨折しているボクサー・謝名堂。だが2年も試合から遠ざかりながら、まだチャンピオンへの道を諦めていなかった。世界戦を控えている加納のスパーリング相手を務め、一発でKOしてしまう。左拳が甦ったと喜んだジムの会長は、謝名堂の復帰戦を組んだ。右パンチで相手をKOした謝名堂だったが、試合用の薄いグローブでは骨折を恐れて左パンチを打てないことが判る。それでも勝ち続けた謝名堂は、日本ライト級1位を懸けてキエフと戦うことになった。常人の目には捉えられないキエフのスピードに、本能でついていく謝名堂。キエフの闘争本能も目覚め、3ランド開始から両者無呼吸のままで打ち合いが続く! Destructive powers too, have to punch, and boxer Janadou that 4 degree is broke his left fist, too. Though, while 2 years bear off from game, too, road to champions was done not give up not yet. As sparring partner of Kano that is withholding world war is served, and is a counter for gunshot KO. President of Jim that left fist is delighted being revived constructed reversion war of Shanadou. It was Janadou that the right punched KO, but in gloves with thin game, be fractured's doing not leave punch could be feared. Janadou still won, hang Japan lightweight 1, and will fight Kiev. Janadou that take in instinct in speed of Kiev that is not caught for eyes of ordinary man. Fights instinct of Kyiv wake up, too, and passage of arms continues from 3 lands starts both respiratory