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爆弾小娘 鈴!

ケンカ大好き小娘の風森鈴は、高額な対戦料を相手からふんだくって戦うケンカ屋。鈴が負ければその身体を好きにしていいというエッチな条件に、腕自慢の男どもが続々対戦してくるが、ことごとく敗れ去った。だがその鈴も、11年前に三白眼の少年に敗れた経験がある。鈴の夢は、自分より強いその少年と再会して、結婚する事だった。少年の右の尻には、鈴がつけた‘鈴の拳型のアザ’が有るはずなのだ。結婚を目指す鈴の闘いは続く!「気合の 1私が噂の爆弾小娘よ!」以下「気合の 2爆弾小娘お兄さまを狙う!」「気合の 3やってきました変なにーちゃん」「気合の 4行くぞ!行ったれ!!パパ・シャンゴ!!」「気合の 5驚愕!!ときめき四人衆登場!!」「気合の 6鈴、プチッと大爆走!!」そして短編「リングの龍巻」を収録。 The wind forest bell of fight favorite lass, expensive game fee from other party, and fight monger that fights. If bell gives in, the body to is liked the dirty conditions called good, men of skill will face successively, but left defeated without exception. However, bell has experience that was beaten in boys of 11 years ago, too. Dream of bells is reunited with potent the more young lad than yours truly, and it was being married. In boys right buttock, "aza of fist type of bell" that bore. Bell fight that aims marriages on ! "yell of 3 was better came strange in long vowel mark Chan" yell of 4 line you well ! line ! sauce ! ! daddy-Shan burdock ! ! "yell of ! ! 4 thrills five surprise public appearance" yell of 6 bells, Petit ea or large burst of laughter propelled ! ! "or shorts" rings of spout "that aim 2 bomb girl brother of continued" bomb lass with one I of yell of rumors ! "following" to doing this.