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爆風三国志 我王の乱

政治は腐り、国土は荒れ、民衆は苦しむ、そんな後漢の乱世を憂いて立ち上がった英雄たち。ひとりは豪快で破天荒な熱血漢・劉備(りゅうび)、そして、もうひとりは冷静沈着なる天才・曹操(そうそう)。そんな対照的なふたりの活躍を描いた異色の三国志コミック! 叔父・元起(げんき)の力添えで、慮植(ろしょく)先生の私塾に通うことになった劉備。しかし彼は真面目に勉学に励まず、賭け事や女遊びに明け暮れていた……。 Politic been rotten, lands been rough, and public suffer through, heross that troubled is timed of the Later Han rise in . Alone is at genius Sou(by the way) that alone roll round in hearty to stand back daring hot stuff Liu Bei(millet); and. Annals of the Three Kingdoms of heterochromia comics that pictured that contrastive two success of two people! In help of uncle dial (affectation), wax Liu Bei that attended planting (Roshoku) teacher private school. However, that he stricken gamble and girl played without contributing to study seriously.