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幕末―200年続いた太平の世が黒船の出現によって乱され、変化が始まろうとしていたそんな時代―。金が欲しい、地位や名誉が欲しい、いい女が抱きたい。いや、ただ面白く暴れたい!血気盛んなゴロまきたちにとって、最高の時代が始まろうとしていた!剣の腕は立つが、そんなことより女にもてたい男・近藤勇と、そのもとに集った野郎どもが熱病にうなされたようなイカレた時代を駆け抜ける。悪どい奴らはメッタ斬り!今までになかった新撰組物語、ここに開幕! I piped time of peace Bakumatsu-for 200 years is disturbed by appearances of black ships, and change time that was begin-. Position with wants to want money and honors, a beautiful woman. No, sword arm that for most vigor flourishing grounder firewoods that want to act violently but interesting, best of times were doing beginning stands, but era that such squid as dude that stuck together base on man Kondo courage and was emptied by fever who wants to be more popular with female than what is then is downed barrel. Evil level officials they kill metta, and Shinsen group story that was not about before mores, ! here