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とある太陽系。『星の壁』と呼ばれる小惑星帯で隔てられている、火の星と金の星。小惑星帯は空間の歪みや乱れがあって、様々な障害をもたらしている為、両者の交流はなかった。その『星の壁』を若者たちは光海岸と呼んで、ワープの波乗りを楽しんでいる。火の星の赤星宙也は、その大波に挑戦して小惑星帯を突破し、自然溢れる小惑星・エデンを発見した。 Solar system. It is separated by asteroid belts that star wall " fire star and gold star. Asteroid belt does not have distortion and turbulence of space, and both exchanges various disorders because it has been caused. Youngs are called light coast the wall " star, and be enjoying surfing of warp. Akaboshi Yuuya of fire star challenge the storm surge, and penetrate asteroid belts, and found asteroid Eden that spontaneous. There, Met is pretty girl, star Kaidou Hikari star of gold and Peltobagrus-friendly large cockroaches. It is wall " star that was shut down since then, but my friend, bombes of air ', I brought back forktail bullhead from Eden-sodo.