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昭和6年、栃木県真岡。日本拳闘倶楽部の創立者・渡辺勇次郎がボクシング興行で訪れたとき、飛び入りでプロ・ボクサーの花井に挑み、もう少しで勝ちかけた少年がいた。真岡中学柔道部主将・堀口恒男である。早稲田大学に進んだ堀口は、その大器を見込んだ渡辺に歓迎されて日本拳闘倶楽部に入門した。防御を無視しひたすら打ちまくる独自のスタイルに徹した堀口は、日仏拳闘戦の日本選抜戦に出場。その戦いぶりに『ピストン』と冠された。決勝に進出した堀口は、大先輩で『ノックアウト・アーティスト』と呼ばれた中村金雄と対戦し、勝つ。そして日仏決戦へ!梶原一騎の処女作にして遺作となった巨編。梶原ワールドの原点を見よ!! 1931, Tochigi prefecture mooka. When Japan boxed club foundation a person Watanabe Yuujirou is visited in boxing show, challenge Hanai of professional boxered in open to all, and boys that on won nearly was. It is mooka junior high school judo department captain Horiguchi Tsuneo. Horiguchi that proceeded to Waseda University was welcomed by the Watanabe that expected the large container entered Japan boxing club. Horiguchi that devoted uniquely: omitting that defense et al soaked ignored is at participation during select Japan and France noble arts war Japan selection. He was crowned piston with the state of battle. Horiguchi that made it into final plays against Nakamura Kaneo that knockout artist " in highly experienced leader, and win. And, hack as first book of kajiwara 1 cavalry to Japan and France decisive wars, and great work that shot to posthumous work. The origin of the Kajiwara World !!