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昭和を代表する学園ギャグマンガ「3年奇面組」が平成に復活!! よりパワーアップした奇面組が大活躍! 新学期早々、出瀬潔以外は遅刻してきた奇面組。担任の伊狩先生から遅刻の理由を尋ねられた一堂零は、遅刻しないために前日から校内にキャンプを張っていたと告白する。しかし前日に学校へ潜入した奇面組だったが、テントと間違えてお子様プールを持ってきてしまい……!? ! !: Heisei school gag comic "3 azygos surface groups" that is representative of Showa Success with large tuple odd side that was powered up more! Tuple odd side that early new school term, except for Kiyoshi has come late Gather null that was asked about reason of tardiness from homeroom Ikari teacher, confess and training camp from day before to campus to do not come late. However, it was tuple odd side that infiltrated to school on day before, but is mistaken for tents, and ! would have children pool?